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Denmark is welcoming business minded people who want to stay. Denmark’s firm Denmark programme seeks creative entrepreneurs who can settle and build their firm in Denmark. The programme is ideal for entrepreneurs with scalable concepts who want a supportive ecosystem and a good level of life.


The Denmark Startup Visa for Entrepreneurs attracts high-growth firms with creative and scalable ideas. This programme allows:

Settling in Denmark with your dependents for two years with extensions is possible.
Healthcare and education benefits for you and your dependents
A good lifestyle.
Tax benefits upon residency
Business subsidies and programmes
Startup EU Single Market access

Start-up Denmark is a Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) programme that lets you and your family apply for a two-year residence visa in Denmark by founding an innovative firm that must be certified by a panel of experts designated by the Danish Business Authority.


This visa requires applicants to actively participate in business operations and demonstrate solid financial status. If you change or close your business and start a new one, you must apply for a new Denmark Golden Visa and work permit.


An independent group of experts looks at your application based on your business plan. If the panel likes your business plan, you can apply for a work and living pass as a self-employed entrepreneur. The pass can be used for up to two years, and it can be renewed for up to three years at a time.


The processing time for this business visa is one month, and it needs a minimum investment of one hundred thousand euros in one of numerous Danish industries, including clean technology, research and technology, real estate and construction, among others.


Start-up Denmark licence holders can live in Denmark and travel to Schengen countries. Permanent residence can be granted in 6 or 4 years with additional criteria. However, permit holders must not stay abroad for more than 6 months to maintain re-entry permission.

It lets you grow your company in a well-known entrepreneurial ecosystem with strong public business development initiatives and access to the European Single Market.

Holders of the Denmark Golden Visa can seek permanent residency after 5 years and Danish citizenship after 9 years.

Public firm development centres offer free personalised advice and access to several programmes and subsidies.

You and your family can get healthcare and education.


Passport & travel history

Business and academic qualifications

Must be Self-employed non-EU/EEA citizens

English proficiency

Financial sufficiency

Start-up Denmark supports innovative, scalable, and, ideally, tech-driven businesses with growth potential. Thus, restaurants, consultancy firms, retail shops, and import/export businesses will generally be rejected and will not be presented to the Start-up Denmark expert panel.


Checklist of Documents Required for Immigration

Complete application processing

Forms, documentation, and the submission of applications

Follow-ups and other updates

Overall help in landing in Denmark

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