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Many nations offer appealing permanent residency programmes for business people, investors, and high net worth individuals. The current immigration climate makes it an excellent opportunity to look about moving your family and/or business abroad. We, Equator Visas, can assist you in finding the best residency programme to fit your needs and goals.

To attract immigrants with business experience who want to start a company or invest in a foreign country, a lot of nations issue what are called “investor” or “business” visas. People often call programmes that let you live somewhere in exchange for money “golden visa” programmes. Recently, more and more people who have the skills and money to do business are looking into opportunities in different countries.

By making an offshore investment, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) can move to a new nation and legally work and live there. Migrants to Australia and Canada can maintain control of their existing enterprises while benefiting from a different residency status through the Immigrant Investor Programme.
The goal of these investor programmes is to attract wealthy, experienced businesspeople from other countries to invest in the host country. Each nation with an investment programme has its own list of stipulations and permitted investors.


Investor and entrepreneur permanent residency schemes often offer personal and business benefits.


Each country has its different criteria. Some important points include:

Availability of Investment funds

Business history

English/local language proficiency

Business and banking experience

Health and conduct evaluation


The chance of citizenship, quality of living, and business environment are the main reasons people invest abroad.
Investor and entrepreneur permanent residency programmes often offer many incentives to people and firms.


High-net-worth individuals, traders, and businesspeople can choose to live in many different countries permanently.
Many countries offer investment or business visas to immigrants with business experience who want to start or invest abroad. They may want to start or buy a foreign business.




The UK





Invest CAD 350,000


Invest AUD 1.25 million


Invest €1 million


Invest €1,000,000


Invest €100,000


For Canadian entrepreneurs who can construct a successful business and are creative, can create job opportunities, and do better than internationally competitive enterprises can get a visa.
The Start-Up Visa Programme lets entrepreneurs move to Canada. If they can get angel investor groups, business incubators, or venture capital funds to support their business idea.
The minimum investment is $200,000 (from a qualified Canadian VC fund) or $75,000 (from a designated Canadian angel investor organisation).
Quebec immigration programmes enrolment is required for investors planning to invest in Quebec.
If your application for permanent residency in Canada is successful, you will be granted one. This consists of the Visa and the COPR, or Confirmation of Permanent Residence.
Startup visas in Canada allow foreign nationals to begin their businesses in the country with the aid of temporary work permits sponsored by Canadian investors.
If your application is accepted, you will be able to connect with private sector investors in Canada who can provide you with financing and advice on how to run your firm. They can seek funding from one of three private sector investors:
– Venture capital fund
– Business incubator
– Angel investor


– A Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support showing that a designated body supports the firm.
– A qualifying business
– English or French proficiency
– Completed one year of post-secondary study
– Have enough money to settle in Canada and sustain dependant relatives
– Pass medical and security examinations

Australia Business Investment

People who want to start a business or make an investment in Australia and live there permanently have a lot of choices.
If you own a business, want to start a business, or want to invest in Australia, you can use Australia’s business innovation and investment paths.
Invest pathways for Australia
Permanent visa (subclass 888) – Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888), is for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to continue their business in Australia.
Business owner visa (subclass 890) – Australian business owner visa (subclass 890) is for those who own a business Australia.
Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892) – State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892), allow Australian business owners to stay permanently.
Under Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa category, the Entrepreneur stream lets you own and run a business in Australia, as well as run a business or investment activity in Australia.


1 – Have an idea for starting a business in Australia
2 – Have a funding of at least AUD200,000 to do business in Australia.
3 – Start-ups should have a business plan.
4 – Have a good grasp of the English language.

The provisional visa programme is divided into seven categories, which are as follows:

1 – Business Innovation Stream – This interim visa lets you run an Australian business. Austrade or a state or territory government agency must nominate you for this visa.

2 – Investor stream – This requires at least AUD 1.5 million in an Australian state or territory and ongoing commercial and investment activities in Australia.

3 – Significant investor stream – Applicants must spend at least AUD 5 million in Australia. Austrade or a State or Territory government agency must nominate them.

4 – Business innovation extension stream – This visa lets Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa holders stay in Australia for two extra years. This extension requires an Australian State or Territory government agency or Austrade nomination and a three-year Business Innovation stream visa.

5 – Significant investor extension stream – This visa lets Significant Investor stream holders stay in Australia for four more years. An Australian State or Territory government agency or Austrade must nominate candidates for this extension.

6 – Premium Investor stream – Austrade nomination and AUD 15 million in Australian businesses or philanthropy are required for this visa.

7 – Entrepreneur stream – You can start your own business in Australia if you have this visa.

Provisional Business Visa Application Steps

1 – You must apply through the Department of Home Affairs.
2 – Wait for a state or territory nomination from Austrade or contact them directly.
3 – Those invited can apply for visas.

Visa holders’ businesses must perform one of the following
– Create a network of international trade
– Employ Australians.
– Utilize Australian goods & services.
– Produce goods or services that would otherwise be imported. Upgrade technology.
The Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa can help you become a permanent resident. You can apply for your PR visa if you have had a Subclass 188 visa for at least a year and meet the cash requirements. Also, you’ll have to show that you have a long-term business interest by making frequent investments and hiring local workers.

Advantages of the visa

You can live in Australia permanently.

Business and investment promotion in Australia is possible.

Australian citizenship is available to suitable applicants.

Australia Golden Visa

The Golden Visa for Australia is open to people of any age.
Investment immigration can grant HNWIs a PR visa to Australia. This visa requires AUD 5 million in a specified structure. Investment is high yet regulated.
The Significant Investor Visa for Australia, often known as the Australia Golden Visa, streamlines immigration for HNWIs through investment.

Path to Permanent Residency

Residency by investment is for wealthy foreigners who want to live permanently in a country by spending a lot of money and buying a home there.
Successful applicants for residency by investment will be issued residence cards for the country in which they make their investment. As long as the required investment is kept up, these residency permits can be renewed indefinitely.
In many cases, applicants for a “golden visa” need not even be physically present in the nation for the visa to be granted. For permanent residence or citizenship by investment, however, physical presence in the country is typically required.


Equator Visas helps entrepreneurs and investors choose the best international investment strategy. We examine your profile and recommend the optimal solution for your personal and business goals.

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