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1 – For a job in the United States, select the H1B visa.
2 – Bachelor’s in IT, Medicine, Finance, Architecture, and Science are eligible.
3 – Make five times as much in US dollars as your current salary.
4 – Easy access to obtaining citizenship.
5 – Move with family to the United States.

The H1B US visa is a popular option for those seeking employment in the United States. The visa is something an employer must do on behalf of a specialist worker. The visa is issued to professionals, thus most candidates have advanced degrees in sectors like information technology, business, architecture, medical, science, etc. We, Equator Visas, facilitates the H1B petition process for companies and their employees. We assist candidates from all around the world in finding employment with organisations that are willing to sponsor them for an H1B visa.


The H1B visa is notoriously difficult to obtain. This visa is in high demand from US-based businesses, but the number of available visas is limited. In addition, it is one of the best visas to apply for if you want to work in the United States because it can lead to a Green Card.

With the H1B VISA you can:
1 – Spend your days in the USA doing what you love.
2 – Keep you here in the US longer.
3 – Job-hop while on H-1B visa status
4 – Remain in the U.S. with their family until all of their dependent children are 21 years old.

The visa is valid for three years initially, with two additional years of validity available if necessary. When a foreign worker’s visa expires, they have two options: depart the United States or apply for another visa. He risks losing his legal status and even being deported if he does not cooperate.

The H1B is a points-based visa, and you need at least 12 points to be eligible for it. Also You’ll need:

A four-year degree from a university in the United States (or its international equivalent) or twelve years of relevant work experience or a combination of formal training and practical experience.

Point Awards

1 – Every year of higher education completed is worth 3 points.
2 – Work experience is worth one point each year.

Note:Your H1B petition cannot be processed until you have earned a minimum of 12 points.

The current fee to file for an H1B visa is $460.The H1B 1-129 petition has the normal filing fee. Base filing fees for H1B visas will increase from $460 USD to $555 USD, a 21% hike.

Payment can be made through an online bank transfer or in person at any branch of a particular bank in India. To make sure you pay the right amount and get an appointment at the right time, create a profile on the US Visa Service website and choose the scheduled appointment option.

You will see your payment options and other relevant information on the screen that confirms your payment.

Note: Once paid, the fee is valid for a full year. The visa interview appointment timeframe is one year.


Non-immigrant dependents can apply for an H4 visa. In exchange for your fee, you will be granted temporary permission to live, study, and work in the United States.
Partner of a H visa holder
Children of H visa holders (those younger than 21 years old)
Validity of the H4 visa
The visa’s validity is tied to that of the principal applicant, often known as the sponsor.
The visa is typically sponsored by a parent or spouse who already has a H visa. Once the sponsor’s visa has expired, the H4 visa is no longer valid.

Privileges of the H4 visa
1 – You can apply for a license to drive.
2 – You can pursue higher education in the United States.
3 – Banking and an H4 visa loan are both within your reach.

Work permission
1 – The H4 visa holder has the option of working full-time, part-time, or not at all.
2 – The person in possession of an H4 visa can start any kind of economic activity.
3 – The H4 visa holder may maintain his EAD eligibility even if he chooses not to work.

Documents Required
1 – US visa interview appointment letter.
2 – A valid passport.
3 – Copy of the primary visa holder’s passport.
4 – Photograph of the primary visa holder and applicant together.
5 – Passport-sized photograph of the applicant.
6 – Confirmation page of the online DS-160 form.
7 – Visa fees receipt from the relevant bank.
8 – A copy of the primary visa holder’s form I-797.
9 – A letter from the primary visa holder’s employer stating the nature of the relationship between the primary visa holder and employer.
10 – Pay stubs from the primary visa holder’s current place of work.
11 – Original marriage certificate.
12 – Original birth certificates of children.


The L-1A Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States. This visa, issued by USCIS, is for foreign executives working in the United States as part of a corporate relocation. An L-1A visa allows a foreign company to send a manager or executive to the United States so that the company can set up a branch office there.

The L-1A visa is a type of work visa within the broader L-1 category. For highly skilled workers who wish to relocate to the United States for a term of five years, the L-1B visa offers an alternative option. After one year of working for the parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of the organisation outside of the U.S. The candidate may reapply for L-1 visa holder status.

There are two main requirements for an L1 visa:
1 – Employer Requirements
2 – Employee Requirements

Employer Requirements
The applicant’s US-based employer must have a qualifying relationship with the international branch, subsidiary, or affiliate where the worker will be employed. If two companies share ownership or have other ties, then it’s likely that they are affiliated in some way.
Additionally, the sponsoring organisation must have operations in both the United States and another country for the duration of the visa holder’s stay.
Employee Requirements
The L1 visa requires the applicant to have worked abroad for the multinational company for at least one year during the three years prior to entering the United States.
This work experience must have been in an administrative, corporate, or technical field, and the jobs they hope to find in the United States must be in one of these same areas.
L1A Visa to Green Card
Since an L1A visa applicant is eligible for an EB-1C Green Card, the process of obtaining citizenship is simplified. The processing time can be shortened by up to 8 months because a PERM Labour Certificate is not needed.
To be eligible for a green card, the employer just need to submit an I-140 petition. You need to submit an application to change your immigration status (Form I-485) if approved.


There is another name for the L2 visa, and that is the L1 dependent visa. Members of an L1 visa holder’s immediate family are eligible for an L2 visa. As a non-immigrant visa, L2 power is temporary.
L1 dependents include:
Visa holders’ spouses
Minors under 21 (those who rely on their parents)
L2 visa holders can:
1 – Spend some time in the United States
2 – Make the United States your permanent academic home.
3 – Submit an EAD application if you want to work in the United States.
4 – You can switch to a different non-immigrant visa type, such as an F1, B1/B2, H1, or L1.
5 – Take short foreign trips in and out of the United States

Documents Required:
– A properly filled out Online Application for a Nonimmigrant Visa.
– Valid passport
– Passport photo
– Original marriage certificate
– Original birth certificates for each dependent child
– The primary L1 visa holder’s employer must give their written consent.
– The L1 visa holder’s employer must provide a letter of employment verification.
– L1 holder’s Form I-797
– Visa application fee
– Visas issuance fee


Those seeking employment in the United States in the field of religion must obtain an R1 visa. (This is a temporary visa.)
– You have to spend at least 20 hours per week working in the United States at a part-time employment.
– You should also look for work that reflects your religious beliefs. To rephrase, you need to be a pastor or work in the religious sector. This rules out the possibility of obtaining an R1 Visa for any work that isn’t religious in nature.
– You can qualify for an R1 visa if your organisation is a legitimate religious charity and you have been actively involved in the religious community for the preceding two years prior to your visa application.
– Working for a company that also operates a U.S.-based religious charity is another option.

Note: If you have no plans to join or assist a religious organisation or church in any capacity, you will not be able to apply for this visa. Only religious employees with a legitimate position in the region are eligible for these visas. Volunteer work also doesn’t qualify you for an R1 Visa. In order to apply, you must already be gainfully employed.

Documents Required
1 – Electronic Application for a Nonimmigrant Visa (DS-160)
2 – A passport that allows you to enter the United States and is valid for at least six months after your planned departure date.
3 – Photograph taken no more than six months ago for use in the passport.


The R2 visa is a temporary US visa that allows a spouse or unmarried child under the age of 21 to accompany an R1 visa holder into the country. Those with R2 visas can stay in the country for as long as their R1 counterparts do. If the primary R-1 beneficiary’s legal status is terminated, then the beneficiary’s R-2 status is terminated as well.

R2 visa holders can:
1 – Attend college in the USA full-time.
2 – During the visa’s validity period, you may enter and leave the United States at will.
3 – Create a permanent residency application.
4 – R2 visa holders are not permitted to engage in gainful employment while in the United States.

Documents Required
1 – Original birth certificate
2 – Marriage registration certificate
3 – Passport photocopy of spouse
4 – Documentation of financial backing
5 – Documentation of the employment agreement between the company and the R1 religious employee.

H1B VISA Process

Step 1 – Read Common Nonimmigrant Visas to learn more about the different visa options. The requirements and necessary documentation vary by visa category. Select the appropriate visa category for your travel needs.

Step 2 – To apply for a non-immigrant visa, fill out the DS-160 electronic form.Be sure to follow the DS-160’s instructions to the letter. There can be no room for error or misinformation. There will be no room for corrections after you’ve sent in the form.

Step 3 – Pay the visa fee after submitting the DS-160.

Step 4 – The identical credentials that you used to pay the visa cost will be used to access your profile. You will need to make two appointments online: one at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) and another at the Embassy or Consulate for the actual visa interview.

Step 5 – After getting your photo and fingerprints taken at the Visa Application Centre, you’ll need to show up at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the scheduled interview date and time.

Sponsorship of H1B Visas
Employers who sponsor H-1B visas for foreign nationals allow those workers to live and work in the United States legally. The occupation must require the use of specialised abilities, and the worker must have a bachelor’s degree (or its international equivalent). Specialist fields like architecture, law, finance, medicine, etc., all have job opportunities.

How Equator Visas Can Help You?

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